Mary Moody Emerson’s Published Writings

The Selected Letters of Mary Moody Emerson. Ed. Nancy Craig Simmons. Athens: The University of Georgia Press, 1993.

[Mary Moody Emerson]. Obituary notice of Leander Gage. Christian Witness (Boston). 13 May 1842. n.p.

M[ary].E[merson]. “The Meeting of Two Friends after Long Separation by Death.” (“from a fragment of 1830”). Portland Register, 27 June 1846, n.p. Rpt. in Christian Register(Boston) 22 Aug 1846.

Constance to Cornelia. Monthly Anthology 1 (Aug. 1804): 453-454.

Constance to Cornelia. Monthly Anthology 1 (Dec. 1804): 646-647.

Constance to Cornelia. Monthly Anthology 2 (July 1805): 342-344.

[Constance]. [Extract from Richard Price on morals]. Monthly Anthology 1 (Aug. 1804): 456-457.

[Constance]. Letter to the editor dated 25 Jan. 1805. Monthly Anthology 2 (n.d.): 140-141.

Mary Moody Emerson. “May 10.” Daily Strength for Daily Needs. Ed. Mary Wilder Tileston. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1884. 131.


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