Project Collaborators and Acknowledgments


Noelle A. Baker, Independent Scholar; Co-Editor in Chief, Scholarly Editing

Sandra Harbert Petrulionis, Distinguished Professor of English and American Studies, Pennsylavania State University, Altoona

Women Writers Project (WWP)

Syd Bauman, Senior XML Programmer/Analyst

Ashley Clark, XML Applications Programmer

Sarah Connell, Assistant Director

Julia Flanders, Director

Jacob Murel, Project Encoder


Phyllis Cole, Professor Emerita of English, Women’s Studies, and American Studies, Penn State Brandywine

Joel Myerson, Professor Emeritus, Carolina Distinguished Professor of American Literature, University of South Carolina

Nancy Craig Simmons, Professor Emerita of Humanities and English, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Research Assistants

Sidra Arshad, Penn State Altoona (2019-present)

Jennifer Cowfer, Penn State Altoona alumna (2009-present)

Samantha Gilmore, University of Nebraska Lincoln (2015-present)

Dean Masters, Oakland University (2020-present)

Research Assistant and WWP Alumni

Catherine Averill, Penn State Altoona (2016)

Michelle Ayers, University of Mississippi (2017)

Katelyn Baur (Penn State Altoona, 2015)

Becca Betty, Penn State Altoona (2014)

Debby Barry, Penn State Altoona (2006-2007)

Mellissa Black, University of Mississippi (2017)

Jessie Blank, Penn State Altoona (2014)

Jeannette Burgan Lang, Penn State Altoona (2003-2009, 2014)

Morgan Quinn Bryan, Penn State Altoona (2015-2017)

Veronica Compton, Penn State Altoona (2016-2017)

Chase Culler, Women Writers Project (2012)

Aubry Dean, Penn State Altoona (2013-2014)

Damon DePaolis, Penn State Altoona (2017)

Madra Furman, Penn State Altoona (2018-2020)

Katie DiFolco, Penn State Altoona (2011-2012)

Brian Gazaille, University of Oregon (2012-2013)

Alice George, Penn State Brandywine (2006)

Rachael Hartman, Penn State Altoona (2015, 2017)

Kiernan T. Holland, Penn State Altoona (2016)

Erin Horning, Penn State Altoona (2013-2015)

Dinnelle Keith, Penn State Altoona (2009)

Vicki Martin, University of Nebraska Lincoln (2011-2012)

Anne Maucieri, Penn State Altoona (2013-2015)

Caitlin McGeary, Penn State Altoona (2012-2013)

John Melson, Women Writers Project (2009-2013)

Janet Mohr, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (2007)

Heather Myers, Penn State Altoona (2013-2014)

William Palmer, University of Mississippi (2017)

Nora Peterson, Women Writers Project (2010-2012)

Laurel Petrulionis, Penn State University (2011-2012)

Pam Przybylski, Penn State Brandywine (2006)

Monica Robison, Ball State University (2011-2012)

Christina Seymour, Penn State Altoona (2008-2011)

Jessica Sidler, Penn State Altoona (2003-2008)

Amanda Smay, Penn State Altoona (2009-2010)

Sarah Stanley, Women Writers Project (2016-2018)

Carrie Taylor, Penn State Altoona (2019-2020)

Lillian Vecchio, Penn State Brandywine (2007)

Eleanor Wakefield, University of Oregon (2012-2013)

Michael Weisenburg, University of South Carolina (2011)

Jonathan Wilberschied, Penn State Altoona (2002-2003)

Jaeden Yoshikawa, Penn State Altoona (2013-2015)

Administrative Support

Brenda Berry, Penn State Altoona (2009-present)

Chrissy Blatt, Penn State Altoona (2010-present)

Barbara S. Brunhuber, Penn State Altoona (2002-2007)

Dorothee Hendoux-Goodman, Penn State Altoona (2009-present

Sally Hoover, Penn State Altoona (2007-2008)

Michele Kennedy, Penn State Altoona (2006-2008)

Kris Kulik, Penn State Altoona (2011-present)

Joann Parsons, Penn State University (2006-present)

Chris Pippetti, Penn State Altoona (2002)

Stephanie Tanner, Penn State Altoona (2008)

Kay Tate, Penn State Altoona (2003)

Traci Treese, Penn State Altoona (2011-present)

Nancy Vogel, Penn State Altoona (2006-present)

Amy Wilkes, Penn State Altoona (2003-2008)

Collegial and Institutional Support

Peter Accardo, Harvard University’s Houghton Library

Lori Bechtel-Wherry, Penn State Altoona

Brian Black, Penn State Altoona

Ronald A. Bosco, Distinguished Professor of English and American Literature, and Distinguished Service Professor, State University of New York Albany

Carmel Casassa, Massachusetts Registry of Deeds (Office of the Secretary of State)

Heather Cole, Harvard University’s Houghton Library

Caroline Duroselle-Melish, Harvard University’s Houghton Library

Jutta Gsoels-Lorensen, Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Penn State Altoona

Robert Habich, Professor of English, Ball State University

Mary Haegert, Harvard University’s Houghton Library

Susan Halpert, Harvard University’s Houghton Library

Rachel Howarth, Harvard University’s Houghton Library

Thomas R. Liszka, Associate Professor Emeritus of English, Penn State Altoona

Kathleen Marifiote, Massachusetts Registry of Deeds (Office of the Secretary of State)

Leslie Morris, Harvard University’s Houghton Library

Stephen Nedell, Special Collections, Malden Public Library

Joan Pierce, Massachusetts Registry of Deeds (Office of the Secretary of State)

William Rossi, Professor of English, University of Oregon

Laura Dassow Walls, William P. and Hazel B. White Professor of English, Notre Dame University

L. A. Wilson, Penn State Altoona

Leslie Wilson, Special Collections, Concord Free Public Library

Ken Womack, Penn State Altoona


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